Grow and learn with Feltro.
Our tiles inspire hands-on, imaginative play, letting young minds—and the young at heart— build, explore and create.

This multi-generational learning tool encourages:

Cross-Curricular Learning

Feltro has been used by families, educators, interior designers and organizations to create engaging and inspired learning environments. The tiles allow students and explorers across different ages, stages, and learning patterns to experience social-emotional learning, problem solving, communication, and STEM principles. It’s fun to learn with Feltro.

Open-Ended Play

Perfect for both independent and collaborative play, Feltro encourages sharing, imagination and communication. 

Hands-on Exploration and Discovery

When playing with Feltro, children use fine motor skills to manipulate the tiles and discover magnetic properties. Building with Feltro, children explore with cause-and-effect as they learn how the tiles need to be manipulated to create structures, patterns, costumes and more.

Building and Problem Solving

Creating with Feltro provides the opportunity to problem solve: learning to stay on task, exercise self-control, work independently, manage frustration, and persist. Feltro is self-directed which helps children experience and achieve success, building confidence, satisfaction and the motivation to learn.

Imaginative and Dramatic play

Feltro promotes the development of imagination, creativity and role-playing. Children can create whatever they imagine with Feltro - it could be architectural, or a costume or prop in role play. Feltro can be the main event or the backdrop in a child’s exploration through play.

Number Sense and Patterning

Playing with Feltro creates opportunities for children to use concrete materials to explore and develop counting skills, number relationships and shape recognition. They also have the opportunity to explore mathematical concepts, like sorting and patterning.